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CMP (Certified Mulligan Practitioner)

Bobath Trained (Adult Neurological Rehab)


PNF Certified

A-) Degrees


PhD, Hacettepe University, Institute of Health Science, Physiotherapy Prog.

Research Thesis: Web-based ergonomics training for work-related musculoskeletal disorders

1998- 2001

MSc, Hacettepe University, Institute of Health Science, Physiotherapy Prog.

Research Thesis: Effectiveness of ergonomics training for musculoskeletal disorders

1994- 1998

BSc, Hacettepe University, School of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

B- Courses/Conferences&Seminars

June 2016, Explain Pain Introductory Course,Lorimer Moseley, Dubai

Emirates Physiotherapy Congress, 19-20th May,2016,Dubai

October 2015 The 4th Middle East Sports Medicine Conference,Abu Dhabi

May 2015 World Physical Therapy Congress,Singapore

May 2014, 25th Certified Mulligan Practitioner Exam,Thessaloniki,Greece

Orthema Orthotic Insole Fitting,Miling Training Seminar 3 days, Abu Dhabi,UAE

October 2013 8th Interdisciplinary Congress of  Low Back Pain,Dubai,UAE

Workshop: Functional Fascia Taping

September 2013 Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization-3 Days Course,Dubai,UAE

Zuzana Suzan, Chech Republic

April 2012,14th Advances in Physiotherapy National Congress, Nevsehir,Turkey

June 2011, World Physical Therapy Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 2011, Assessment and Management of the Cervical Spine and Upper Neural Tissue-2 days, Instructor: Gerard Greene, England

November 2010 Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, Lumbal Region 4 days, Grant Watson, England

November 2010 Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, Neck&Thoracic Region 4 days, Helen Clare, Australia


 October 2008-2 days course

Mulligan Concept-Refresh Course, Netherlands, Instructor: Brian Mulligan, New Zealand

July 2008-2 days course

Body Balanced University, Pilates Matwork, Instructor: Taha Erpulat

April 2008 -IPNFA-Basic Course-10 days

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques and Clinical Applications,

Instructor: Fred Smedes, Netherlands

April 2007 3 days course

Observational Gait Analysis and Lower Extremity Biomechanics,

Instructor: Vivian Alexander, USA

February 2007 3 days course

Normal Development, assessment and handling skills in pediatric rehabilitation

Instructor: Joan Day Mohr, USA

January 2007 2 days

GMFM Certification Course

May 2006 2 days

International Symposium of Robotic Rehabilitation, Switzerland

October 2006 4 days

Kinesiotaping and Clinical Applications

Instructors: Doris Dürcshmid &Siggi Breitenbach, Germany

July 2006 6 days

Mulligan Concept, Manual Therapy, Instructor: Peter van Dalen, Netherlands

April-June 2006-IBITA The Bobath Concept 15 days

The Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions –

Instructor: Elia Panturin

May 2006-KTA 4 days

Kinesiotaping (KT1 and KT2),Instructor: Harvey Makortoff, Canada

May 2006 4 days

Normal Motor Development, Instructor: Joan Day Mohr, USA

November 2005 2 days

Mobilization & Therapeutic Exercise in LowBack Pain, Instructor: Patricia Sullivan, USA

October 2005 3 days

Neurodevelopmental Assessment, Instructor: Joan Day Mohr, USA

October 2005 2 days

Functional Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Instructor: Judy Carmick, USA

April 2005 -2 days-

Observational Gait Analysis and Clinical Decision Making, Instructor: Patricia Sullivan, USA

November 2004 -2 days-

Therapeutic Exercises in Gait Disorders, Instructor: Patricia Sullivan, USA

C-) Publications&Presentations

  • Dalkılınç M, Dalkılınç E, Ozay D, Karaca N, First Step To Therapeutıc Walking For Scoliosis: Exploratory Research, Physiotherapy, Volume 101,Supplement 1, World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2015,Abstracts
  • Dalkılınç M, Çırak Y, Yılmaz GD, Parlak Demir Y, Validity and reliability of Turkish version of the Pain Attitudes and Beliefs Scale for Physiotherapists, Physiother Theory Pract, 2015; 31(3): 186–193
  • Dalkılınç M, Kayıhan H, Efficacy of Web-Based [E-Learning] Office Ergonomics Training: A Test Study Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain,2014, doi:10.3109/10582452.2014.907851
  • Çırak Y,Yılmaz G.D,Parlak Demir Y,Karahan Z.,Dalkılınç M, A Possible Relationship Between Respiratory Muscle Weakness And Familial Mediterranean Fever: A Case Report, Turkish Journal Of Physiotherapy And Rehabilitasyon 2014; 25(1):42-46
  • Demir Y, Çırak Y, Yılmaz G.D.,Dalkılınç M., Kömürcü M., The Importance Of Individual Learning Styles In Physiotherapy Students, Turkish Journal Of Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation 2014; 25(1):1-7
  • Yılmaz G.D., Aytekin M.N, Parlak Demir Y., Çırak Y, Dalkılınç M., Ağır İ., Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy In The Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; A Novel Technıque And Review Of The Literature, Novel Science International Journal of Medical Science (2013), 1-2): 308-312
  • Dalkılınç M., Movement is Medicine: Why does the human body need movement? Oral Presentation, Abu Dhabi International Sports Exhibition/Conference,9-12 April 2013,Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Elbasan B., Yılmaz G.D., Çırak Y., Dalkılınç M., Cultural Adaptation of the Friendship Scale and Health-Related Quality of Life and Functional Mobility Parameters of the Elderly Living at Home and in the Nursing Home, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 29(4):298-303, October/December 2013
  • Parlak Demir Y, Cirak Y, Dalkılınç M,Yilmaz G.D, Uras İ, Komurcu M, The Habits Of Carrying Bag, Computer Use And Posture In Primary School Children, Ankara Medical Journal, 2012; 12(4):182-187
  • Dalkılınç M, Çırak Y, Yılmaz G D, Parlak Demir Y, Where do office workers make mistake? Advances in Physiotherapy, April,2012
  • Dalkılınç M.,Pain Attidutes and Beliefs of Physiotherapists, Oral Presentation, Advances in Physiotherapy, April,2012
  • Topuz S., Elbasan B., Dalkılınç M., Yılmaz G.D., Yıldırım S.A., Özdemir A., Altınkök M., Düzgün İ.,Physiotherapist profile in Turkey, 3.rd National Physiotherapy Congress, May 2011,Istanbul
  • Parlak Demir Y. , Çırak Y, Dalkılınç M,Yılmaz GD, Kömürcü M. Postural disorders in schoolage children, 22nd. Congress of Turkish Orthopaedics&Traumatology Congress, November,2011,Antalya
  • Çırak Y,Parlak Demir Y, Yılmaz G.D, Dalkılınç M,Kömürcü M. Uygur F. Comparison of effectiveness of two different physiotherapy methods for DeQuervain Syndrome, 22nd. Congress of Turkish Orthopaedics&Traumatology Congress, November,2011,Antalya
  • Yılmaz G.D, Dalkılınç M, Parlak Demir Y, Çırak Y.Kömürcü M.Foot flat and related postural factors in primary school children: a pilot study, 22nd. Congress of Turkish Orthopaedics&Traumatology Congress, November,2011,Antalya
  • Dalkılınç M, Yılmaz G.D, Parlak Demir Y, Çırak Y.Kömürcü M.,How physiotherapists assess low back pain patients ? , 22nd. Congress of Turkish Orthopaedics&Traumatology Congress, November,2011,Antalya
  • Dalkılınç M., Bumin , Kayihan H., The effects of ergonomic training and preventive physiotherapy in musculo-skeletal pain, The Pain Clinic, Volume 14, Number 1, 2002, pp. 75-79(5)
  • Dalkılınç M., “Effectiveness of preventive programme on work related musculoskeletal injuries.”Turkish Medical Association, Journal of Occupational Health&Safety,12 (October 2002),p. 38-42.
  • National Ergonomics Congress; Poster Presentation, October,2004
  • Turkish Physiotherapy Assoc, Izmir Branch, Symposium; Basics of Electrotherapy,Oral Presentation,2008

D-)Books & Chapters

  • Textbook of Rheumatic Rehabilitation, Translation of Cognitive Rehabilitation Chapter,2007
  • Textbook, Evidence Based Electrotherapy (Translation Ed),2008
  • Textbook, Tidy’s Physiotherapy “Translation of Osteoarthirits & Terminology Chapter”,2008
  • Pocketbook of Taping Techniques (Translation Ed), Elsevier&Pelikan Publishing Company, May 2012
  • Examination and Assessment of Neuromusculoskeletal System (Translation Ed), Elsevier&Hiperlink Publishing Company, Hiperlink Publishing Company,2014
  • Manual Therapy, Brian Mulligan, (Translation Ed),Hiperlink Publishing Company,2015

D-)Online Content:

  • Why sitting is bad for you ? TED-Ed Educational Animations,2015;
  • Benefits of good posture, TED-Ed Educational Animations,2015,
  • Functional Taping IOS/Android Application
  • Web-based Office Ergonomics Training


November 2012-Present Clinical Supervisor,Musculoskeletal Consultant

UAE Armed Forces, Royal Guard, Abu Dhabi,UAE

UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Cup 2013&2014, Regional Tournaments

Abu Dhabi Saracens Rugby 2013-2014

May-2011-November 2012 Clinical Supervisor&Lecturer on Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Turgut Ozal University, School of Physiotherapy and Medical Faculty Hospital

Teaching experience: Manual Therapy, Physical Agents in Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Exercise

November 2002-April 2011 Sports/Musculoskeletal/Manual Therapy 

Consultant/Clinical Supervisor Physiotherapist, SPORMED, Private Pain/Active Life Clinic

July 2001- November 2002 – Orthopaedic/Neurological Rehabilitation/Aquatherapy

Turkish Armed Forces Rehabilitation Center, Chief Physiotherapist-Officer

July 1998 – June 2001   Sports/Preventive Physiotherapy

TED College Professional Sports Club (1st division/ including 4 professional teams)

Key Elements in the practice:

  • Prevention and Treatment of Musculoskeletal&Sports Injuries
  • Comprehensive Postural and Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Therapeutic Exercise, Manual Therapy&Taping
  • Patient/Professional Education for Modern Pain Science
  • Office &Work related ergonomics




I have been assisting Mr. Peter van Dalen, PT, MT who is a Mulligan Concept Teacher in the Netherlands since 2005.


I have been teaching hands on/practical course on clinical taping for sports&musculoskeletal injuries.

Courses are hosted by the Acıbadem Sports/Istanbul


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